Who's Not Vaccinated in Sports?

With the NBA starting up and NFL in full swing, it's AMAZING to see how many players have already been vaccinated. The ability of these leagues to coordinate such a massive amount of people and players to get vaccinated is quite impressive. Yet, there are still some players holding out on vaccination. Some are for personal reasons, others are for cultural/religious reasons... and of course then there's Kyrie.

For clarity, what makes Kyrie different is he's come out and said, he's not against getting vaccinated, he's just making a stand on behalf of others who are required to get vaxxed based on their employment.

Denver Nuggets v Orlando Magic

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NBA Players

In the NBA there are only 4 players who have decided no on the vaccine. They are:

Kyrie Irving- who says he is being a voice of the voiceless. This has caused him to potentially sit out the season.

Bradley Beal- The Wizards guard says he's confused on how a person can be vaccinated, yet still contract the virus. Thus he's cited personal reasons with his club, for not getting vaccinated.

Jonathan Isaac- The forward for the Orlando Magic says he's not anti-vaccine or anti-science. He says he's had COVID-19 and is "not ashamed to say" he's uncomfortable getting the vaccine.

Andrew Wiggins- Wiggins made a request for a religious exemption from vaccination and the NBA denied that request. He was slated to miss games similar to Kyrie, but Wiggins reported that he got vaccinated in early October.

NFL Players

In the NFL there are quite a few more players who haven't gotten the shot. Here are a few higher profile stances:

Kirk Cousins- The QB for the Vikings has been relentless in his refusal to get the shot. He has said he will take measures to keep his teammates safe, but admitted that his vaccination decision is a "very private health matter".

Carson Wentz- Although the Indy quarterback was on the COVID protocols list before the season started, that didn't change his stance on vaccination. He remains unvaxxed.

Chase Young- is not the only member of the Washington Football Team who hasn't gotten vaccinated, but Young has let everyone know, it's a personal choice of his to not be vaccinated, and he would be sure to adhere to all team and league protocols.

Cam Newton- Technically not "in" the NFL right now, as he has no team, but while Cam was an initial holdout from vaccination. He's reported lately that he has gotten vaccinated, as he feels he's been kept off teams because of his vaxx status, and he wants an opportunity to play again.

Washington Football Team v Atlanta Falcons

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