Marc Daniels: Coming Soon To A College Football Broadcast Near You

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Announcer: "The following game is presented by BetNow: Feel the Action"

Play-by-play Paul: "This is Caesar's Sportsbook Tiger Stadium...Caesar's Sportsbook, where it's always game on- and today the LSU Tigers, presented Caesar's Sportsbook, take on the Florida Gators, presented by Fan Duel-where you can sign up now and get a free $25 new member bonus. This should be a great matchup between these two powers and our pregame show is brought to you Crypto Bunny- Crypto Bunny, where the fun is in the bun. Let me bring in my broadcast partner Big Bud. Big Bud's thoughts on today's game is brought to you by Nifty- your home for the best in college football NFTs where you don't even need to know what an NFT is just sell it for a 1000% gain. Bud, what do you got?"

Big Bud- "Well Paul, my FoxBet app says this should be a high scoring game between these two teams. At FoxBet, you get the latest odds, insight and a free first pick for just signing up."

Play-by-play Paul- "Great stuff Bud, now let's check in on the sideline with Sideline Suzy who is with LSU starting quarterback Cash Cheque. Suzy!"

Sideline Suzy: "That's right Paul, I'm with Cash Cheque who made headlines this week by legally changing his name from Timmy Johnson. Cash, can you share what went into the name change?"

Cash Cheque: "First, I want to thank my new sponsor ChequeMate- where you can get an advance on your paycheck within minutes when you download our app- fees and 85% interest applies. Sign up now and get a free bonus. As for the name, it's all part of branding and speaking of branding if you go to you can get my latest merchandise that includes that fall hoodie you all are looking for and my ear buds. And if you buy something today, you get a free bonus."

Sideline Suzy: "What about today's game and the keys- which are brought to you by LockCity, where handicapping experts have today's Locks and we all know what that means...sign up today and get a free bonus."

Cash Cheque: "Suzy, I posted what I think are the keys on my TikTok- CashCheque- where if you get me to 2 million followers I am giving that person a free bonus and you can also learn about CashCoin- my very own cryptocurrency and if you buy something at my site and CashCoin....that's get a free bonus."

Sideline Suzy: "Thanks so much Cash, Paul today's weather update is brought to you by Out of Space- need a blockchain to make transactions that no one understands, that's where Out of Space helps. Just put it on their blockchain and it's locked and loaded."

Play-by-play Paul: "Suzy, speaking of Lock and Loaded, catch the experts and their picks of tonight's biggest games on Lock and Loaded, presented by InstaBet. InstaBet where we make your bet before you make the bet. The Gators flew into Baton Rouge yesterday on their charter presented by Bored Ape Airways. Bored Ape Airways, we were about NFTs selling for millions with no explanation but we've expanded into airplane travel just because we have so much extra cash and don't know what to do with it."

Big Bud: "You know Paul, I expect great defense in this game, look for a lot of blitzing and speaking of blitzing, my outfit today is brought to by BetBlitz- where even if you lose, you win."

Play-by-play Paul: "What do you mean?"

Big Bud: "I don't know but when you lose you win."

Play-by-play Paul: "That doesn't make sense."

Big Bud: "And that's why BetBlitz is the hottest sports betting app going and if you sign up today, you will get a free bonus."

Play-by-play Paul: "What does that even mean? What is the free bonus?"

Big Bud: "That's the beauty of it. And it's free."

Play-by-play Paul: "Well the captains are headed to the middle of the field and time for the coin toss, but it's no ordinary coin. Here's our referee for today's game Frankie Flag."

Frankie Flag: "Captains, welcome. Today's coin toss is brought to you by SankeyExchange- when you want to convert cash into crypto fast, use SankeyExchange- where if you sign up today, you get a free bonus. Florida, you are the visiting team. What is your call?"

Florida Captain: "Our FanDuel coin toss decision is heads."

Frank Flag: "It is heads and that reminds me to let you know about where our fantasy football experts know the injuries before they happen. Sign up today....and well, you know the rest."

Florida Captain: "We want the ball and that's also brought to you by FanDuel."

Play-by-play Paul: "So LSU will kick it off and back deep for the Gators is Shoes McBride. Shoes just signed a new NIL deal with Laces Out, if you go to their website now you will be at"

Big Bud: "Do you get a bonus if you sign up?"

Play-by-play Paul: "It doesn't say."

Big Bud: "What's the point of that then?"

Play-by-play Paul: "Good point Bud. Before the kickoff, we'll take one more break, which is brought to you by BreakTheBank- sign up now and with your first deposit of $500 or more, we will match that $500 once you've lost $2,000."

Commercial: "As you enjoy today's game don't forget that we here at the SEC have the latest technology that allows you to live bet during this game by using your official SEC remote control. Click on the app and access a variety of features that includes in-game wagering, access to our NFT vault and the ability of using our blockchain partner with limited fees. Andi if you sign up now..........well, I think you know what happens..........get a free bonus. Now sit back, relax and enjoy today's game."

Final thought: Florida plays LSU at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge. Tiger Stadium opened in 1924 and LSU hosted Tulane in the season finale.

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