Has McKenzie Milton's Return to College Football Been a Success or Flop?

This week's episode is in an effort to discuss one of the more under reported stories going on right now inside the state of Florida. The return of McKenzie Milton. Now I understand, McKenzie Milton is a home town favorite, he’s an incredible story, doctors thought his leg was going to need amputation or that if he hadn’t made it to the hospital sooner – back in 2018 – that he may have even lost his life. No doubt, his story, his comeback has been miraculous. Every single step of the way. And if you are a fan of his, you’ve followed it closely.

Yet, here we are 7ish weeks into the CFB season and his story is fading away from a college sports fans consciousness. Milton was somebody that was playing the leading role in the greatest comeback story ever told.

I dive deeper in this week's episode of the Brandon Kravitz Podcast w/ Ira Schoffel from Warchant.com.

Central Florida v South Florida

Photo: Getty Images

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