Kravitz's Updated Top 8 NFL MVP List After Week 2

Week 2.

Off the list from last week: Herbert, Wilson, TJ Watt, and Jalen Hurts (Week 1 for reference)

8- Tyler Lockett- I Bumped Wilson because Lockett is to thank for all of his production early on.46% of Wilson pass yards and 50% of his TD’s have gone the way of Lockett. Lockett is #2 is receiving yards behind Deebo and #2 in TD’s behind Gronk.

7- Derrick Henry- Henry single handedly beat the Seahawks and revived the season of the Titans. Rough start to the year with 58 yards on the ground to go with no touchdowns but he more than made up for it in week 2. 237 total yards and 3 scores. He also led the team in receptions with 6.

6- Lamar Jackson- Not only did Lamar put his you know whats on the table and tell John Harbaugh he was going for it on 4th down to end the game on SNF…he’s 3rd leading rusher in the NFL. Lamar is in peak Lamar form.If the Ravens defense had figured out a way to slow down Darren Waller, they’d be a cool 2-0.But you have to give Lamar extra credit for dealing with the litany of injuries facing this team.

5- Patrick Mahomes- Not his fault his defense sucks. He did everything he could to win that game Sunday night. This should be a great statistical season for Mahomes. 6 TD’s, 1 interception, and for a guy who throws a lot, he’s completing an absurd 76% of his passes.

4- Matt Stafford- Not his best game against the Colts but this was a tough game to win and he went on the road and did it. The Rams now sit at 2-0 and while their defense is their calling card, Matt Stafford is clearly making a big difference.

3- Derek Carr- Who is leading the league in pass yards? Who is the only QB averaging over 400 yards per game? Who is 2-0 with a prime-time win vs Baltimore and a road win vs Pittsburgh? Derek Freaking Carr. I know, I’m as surprised as you are.

2- Tom Brady- The GOAT is doing GOAT type things. I’m sure you’ve see this stat by now but Tom is on pace to throw more TD’s in his 40’s than he did in his 20’s, the dude is absurd. The Bucs of the past would’ve found a way to lose to the Falcons, but Brady didn’t let it happen. Fire the Cannons.

Number 1!- Kyler Murray- Murray is a magician masquerading as a QB in the NFL. Everytime it looks like this guys is in more trouble than he can get out of, he finds a way out. He is truly sensation, far and away the #1 option on this list, and if he keeps pace, you can basically go ahead and start etching his name on the trophy.(7 touchdowns in the air, 2 on the ground, and a 2-0 record.)

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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