Jags and Falcons Twitter Battle Over Who Sucks More

The Jags and the Falcons are in a weird twitter battle. Well at least the Jags are. What caused the twitter war you ask?
The Jags got ticked that the Falcons copied their 'yea we know we suck' tweet.

Yes. Seriously, that's why.

So on Sunday the Jags tweeted this.

Then, on Monday the Falcons tweeted this following...

And that drove whoever is in charge of the Jags twitter account to get offended.

'Why did you copy our message about how much we suck?'

And they clapped back...

WHYYYYYY on earth are we doing this?

Is this really what we want to get upset about? Another team admitting their losing record, causes you to be offended that they copied your message about your losing record?

Somebody stop this now.

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