Week 1: Kravitz's Top 8 NFL MVP Candidates

Week 1 is just about wrapped up, Ravens/Raiders excluded from this list. Sorry gents, you'll catch up next week.

Last year I kept a MySpace Top 8 running list of NFL MVP's...let's do it again!

Here's my MVP list:

8- TJ Watt- He was all over Josh Allen yesterday in Buffalo. He hit Josh Allen 5 times in that game – 4 more than any other defender in the game! On either side. 2 sacks, 1 tackle for loss. He was elite.

7- Justin Herbert- Stat line was just OK but what he did was no easy task. Going into Washington against the best D-line in football, he was basically flawless. 31-47 337, 1 TD, and he came up big at the end of the game to ice it.

6- Jalen Hurts- Um, is he elite? He looked it. 264 through the air, 62 rushing, 3 touchdowns and he only took 1 sack. 32-6 was the finish.

5- Russell Wilson- Russ cooked! Only he can do this on a regular basis…Wilson threw a touchdown on every 5th throw. Seriously. Insane. He was the difference on the road in Indy.

4- Matt Stafford- Only 6 incompletions, has already completely changed this offenses potential. 321 – 3 touchdowns. Elite on Sunday night against a good pass rush.

3- Patrick Mahomes- Seriously, ridiculous. Out scored 22-10 in the 1st half, completely outclassed by the Browns. Then Mahomes happened. 23-7 in the 2nd half. 337 – 4 touchdowns

2- Tom Brady- Hyper efficient. 32/50, 379, 4 touchdowns – 2 interceptions but they weren’t his fault. Bucs still on top of the NFL until someone knocks them off.

1- Kyler Murray 309 total yards of offense – accounted for 5 TD’s, lead his team to a 38-13 win over Tennessee.

Philadelphia Eagles v Atlanta Falcons

Photo: Getty Images

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