Travis Etienne's Injury Opens the Door For a James Robinson Breakout

What the hell football universe?! I’ve got my fantasy rankings all set and laminated and then you take out one of the most exciting rookies available?! This is awful. Awful news. For all…but 1.

James Robinson. Because the truth is, the Jags never should’ve drafted Etienne in the first place. Talk about a guy that DIDN’T deserve to lose his job.

1,414 yards from scrimmage. 10 touchdowns. And the guy was undrafted out of Illinois State. His salary is 780,000 this year, one of the biggest bargains in all of football. Plus, he was good enough to land on the NFL 100 list.

Give this man his due respect. I’m sad for the Jags, I’m sad for fantasy owners, there’s even a tiny part of me that’s sad for Urban, but I am happy for James Robinson.

Now before you push Robinson into the first round of your fantasy drafts, let’s remember, Urban still has his boy Carlos Hyde on the roster, and he’s going to get some run.

Robinson had been going as RB23, around the 5th to 7th round. I think you can slide him up to RB 18 comfortably, with a draft spot closer to the back end of round 3.

This draft projection would put him right behind backs like Josh Jacobs, JK Dobbins, Chris Carson, and D’Andre Swift.

Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp

Photo: Getty Images

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