Move All the Teams to Iowa!!!

You had plenty to choose from for your entertainment last night. You could have watched some preseason football. In fact the NFL gave you two games to choose from, the Eagles took on the Steelers, and the Patriots, went up against the Washington Football Team.

If football wasn't your flavor you could have decided you wanted a little summer league basketball. The Magic got BLOWN OUT by the Celtics last night as the first and second year players attempt to get their feet wet in in the NBA.

No not down for basketball? Well how about a little MLS action. America's newest almost, not really, favorite sport. Orlando City found themselves in League Cup action last night, taking on Santos Laguna.

You could've picked any of the above, or even gone with some Netflix and chill for your evening... and each of those decisions would have been the WRONG ONE!

Because nothing was more exciting last night than the Field of Dreams game between the NY Yankees and the Chicago White Sox, and we can't believe it.

MLB at Field of Dreams - Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

Beyond all the pomp and circumstance of a real life rendition of a favorite baseball movie. This game was just magnificent, especially if you like big bats and tons of drama. In what was essentially Iowa's home run derby, we can't help but ask... Can we move all the teams to Iowa. Being a neutral site game, you could tell the crowd was different. They were a crowd, just enjoying baseball.

The teams played with more passion and intent than we would normally see in a mid-season game. And of course you can't be the majestic environment this game was held in.

Major League Baseball, better have plans to do a TON more of these games. And not just in Iowa. They need more scenic neutral site games like this in places to that will ramp up the excitement.

Check out the highlights below.

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