Top 10 "Must-Watch" Games of the Upcoming NFL and CFB Season (Part 1)

Now that we’re done pretending to care about the Olympics…we can focus on things that really matter, like FOOTBALL!

The season is approaching and while every game you choose to thrown on your TV box is some form of “must-watch”, there are some that certainly stand out above the rest. I have compiled a list of the TOP 10 NFL/COLLEGE FOOTBALL games to look forward to in the ’21 season.

10- Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State on Nov 27th- 108th meeting between the 2 schools. This one has all the drama of OU leaving the Big 12, the reaction of people within that State, this game will have a buzz and a fever pitch level intensity come November. And Spencer Rattler is fun to watch.

9- UCF @ Cincinnati on October 16th- I debated putting that UCF opener on here but this one is too good to pass up. This is the real group of 5 championship and the conference title will likely be on the line here as well. The Knights have lost this game by 3 the last 2x these programs have met. Desmond Ridder vs Dillon Gabriel. This is top notch CFB.

8- Chiefs @ Ravens in week 2 of the NFL season- Anytime we get Lamar Jackson vs Patrick Mahomes, we all need to sit back and enjoy it. This is modern day Manning vs Brady. The two most dynamic QB’s in the NFL. Two of the most popular players in the league and a legitimate AFC Championship level preview. And its on SNF.

7- Bama vs Miami on September 4th in ATL- This one will highlight the first real week of CFB action. It’s the 3:30 game on ESPN. Not only do we get the return of D’Eriq King but we get the debut of Bryce Young for Alabama. Our opinion of these two teams will be made by the time this game is over.

6- Florida vs Georgia on October 30th in Jacksonville- This is one of the great rivalries in CFB and every rivalry is made better when both teams are good. Georgia comes into the year ranked 5th and Florida is slotted as 11th but it was Florida that got the better of GA last season, romping them 44-28. With the schedules they have…if both Florida and Georgia come in blemish free in this game, we could be looking @ a top 4 matchup.

The rest of the list will be released tomorrow, stay tuned!

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College Football Playoff National Championship Presented By AT&T - Alabama v Clemson

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