America's Pick to Win SuperBowl LVI

NFL Writers at tracked geotagged Twitter data from across the entire U.S., all 50 states, and determined who America believes will be the next Super Bowl champion. Over 190,000 tweets were examined, checking for tweets, hashtags, keyword phrases, and more. Thus producing a not-so-scientific prediction of this season's NFL champ!

The decisive winner with 18 states...

The Kansas City Chiefs.

Photo: Courtesy of Sports Insider

Taking a look at the map, it's not as conclusive as it may seem. While that's a LOT of red in the middle of that map. Most of those cities and states have very small populations. So while the Chiefs may win the "electoral college", the Tampa Bay Bucs may actually win the popular vote. Their sizable lead in the south, with a complete overtaking of New England bodes very well for the returning champs.

Does this mean we're set up for a Super Bowl rematch?

All we can do now, is sit back and enjoy the show.

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