Kravitz Details the Top 2 Camp Battles For the Bucs, Jags, and Phins

Training camp battles wet our pallet as football fans and if you’re anything like me this time of year, you can’t get enough! Plus, the preseason starts tonight – I mean, does life get any better than this, really? I think not.

Given the excitement in the room, I’ve decided to create a list of the TOP 2 TRAINING CAMP BATTLES FOR THE BUCS, JAGS, AND PHINS.


1.Dolphins free-safety spot: Up for grabs between newly acquired Jason McCourty, certainly familiar with all things Brian Flores with their time together in New England vs Jevon Holland, who the Phins drafted in the 2nd round out of Oregon. Both with good cases to be the guy.

2.Dolphins receiving pecking order: Will Fuller vs DeVante Parker vs Jaylen Waddle. Fuller signed a one-year deal in free-agency, he’s probably the most accomplished on the 3. Parker is the most established in Miami, and Waddle was the 6th overall pick in the draft, and the dude is a beast.


1.Bucs RB room: Ronald Jones was the man during the regular season but it was Leonard Fournette who took over in the playoffs and into the Super Bowl. Over 100 total yards in 3 out of the Bucs 4 playoff games. BUT, let’s not forget about Giovani Bernard. 342 catches in the NFL since 2013…he does something really really well that the other 2 don’t…catch the football. Brady loves those guys.

2.Joe Tryon: Can this guy push anybody off the field, the 1st round pick from the draft in April has freakish athleticism and apparently he’s looked great at practice. Tryon has a chance, albeit small, to push JPP for playing time. Paul came back to the team in free-agency, like everyone else, but he’s pushing 33, so you never know.


1.James Robinson vs Travis Etienne: This might be one of the top battles to watch in the entire NFL. You’ve got a guy in Robinson who went from undrafted last year to 5th in the league in rushing. His new running mate, Travis Etienne is the most accomplished RB in ACC history and was picked 25th overall. They’ll both be used this year, but who gets the lions share of the work, that’ll be the question.

2.Tebow vs the World: You know the story, Tebow went from out of the NFL, to MLB minor leagues, to 33 year old TE. Can #85 show his former college coach he still has something? Can he prove to all of us, we were wrong about him? Doesn’t get much better than that.

Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp

Photo: Getty Images

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