Westbrook to the Lakers is the Most Forgotten Story in Orlando

There was a HUGE deal made in the NBA yesterday and if you lived in the City Beautiful, you DID NOT CARE. The Lakers made a deal to bring Russell Westbrook in as a guard on their roster which could be one of the biggest moves of the off season. Westbrook adds a lot to a Laker team that looks like it's got holes to fill, and Westbrook may provide Lebron the options he needs to make it back to Finals glory.


Magic fans could care less. As they were able to land probably the biggest first round pick for the team since Dwight Howard in Jalen Suggs. If you asked Magic fans what happened with the Lakers, more than likely the answer you got was... nobody cares.

The Magic are looking to transform the direction of the organization and just like the move in L.A., picking up Jalen Suggs could be the answer Orlando has been waiting for.

It's going to be great to watch both of the these movements over the next season, but let's be real.

The Magic are the bigger winners on draft day!

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