NHL to Memorialize Tweets in Hall of Fame?

In a strange tweet, the NHL has started a new hall of fame initiative and apparently it's tweets.

The league has launched what it's calling "Stanley Tweets”. A program started yesterday and going on throughout the Stanley Cup FInals. The NHL is asking fans to send in their tweets. Specifically, as you see above, asking Lightning fans what they would do if they spent a day with Lord Stanley's Cup.

The NHL and Twitter will pick the top 52 tweets to go into the Hall of Fame.That's right, into the hall of fame. They will be engraved and enshrined, just like the 52 names that go on the Stanley Cup each season from the winning team.

To put it plainly, this is going to be weird. Is the NHL really about to forever enshrine someone's tweets in the hall of fame cuz they said something slick? Guess we'll see.

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