Kravitz Finishes His Top WR Duo Rankings with 6 Through 10

As a reminder, my top 5 were: Kelce/Hill, AJ Brown/Julio, Lockett/Metcalf, Evans/Godwin, and Ridley/Pitts. If you want to read about it, click here.

Here's the next 5!

6.Woods/Kupp- The most criminally underrated WR pair in the NFL and they just got a really healthy upgrade @ QB.

7.Diggs/Beasley- 2,502 receiving yards between the 2 of them, probably tops on the list. Speed over top, speed underneath. This duo packs a punch and allows Josh Allen to be the QB he’s become.

8.JuJu/Diontae Johnson- You can really interchange either one of these guys with Chase Claypool. The Steelers have a 3 headed monster…it’s a little bit like the Freebirds or Demolition when they had Axe, Smash, and Crush.

9.Amari Cooper/CeeDee Lamb- Amari Cooper is a number #1 WR only 50% of the time but that 50% is pretty good. Lamb showed flashes last year, but this year I think he takes a big leap and they’ll trade the top spot back and forth through the year.

10.George Kittle/Brandon Aiyuk- People sleep on Aiyuk because the Niners weren’t a factor last year but he lead the team in receiving despite only playing 12 games, and had 40 catches after the calendar flipped to November. He was awesome. And Kittle is the 2nd best TE in the game today.

Notable omissions: Hopkins/Green, DJ Moore/Robbie Anderson, Sutton/Jeudy, OBJ/Landry, Adams/Folding lawn chair, McClaurin/Samuel, Keenan Allen, Mike Williams

Buffalo Bills v Arizona Cardinals

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