Brandon Kravitz: We Should Appreciate Glasnow's Honesty

Yesterday, we found out that Tyler Glasnow underwent an MRI that showed partial damage to his UCL (elbow) and the hope is that he can avoid tommy john surgery – which would put him out for the year. It looks like he’s going to be out a while but we still don’t know the exact timeline…but after Glasnow’s rant yesterday, that’s not really the story. The story is…how did the injury come about?

Now, you wouldn’t think that a player who is cheating would say – “because I was told to stop cheating, I am now injured” but that’s exactly what he did.

I love this. You want honesty from your athletes, this is unbridled honesty.

And I agree with him…MLB knew this stuff was going on, they just now decide to crack down on it in the middle of the season…you dial it back, come up with a uniformed policy for grip management…not freaking out and saying ‘YOU CAN’T USE ANYTHING’…its not like this stuff is harmful to players…its grip…MLB changed the ball…the players adapted…you knew it was happening and rather than work collectively on a solution…you make this guys change their way of doing things on the fly. Not all cheating or rule skirting is created equal…this should’ve been handled differently.

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