STEFAN: Why Do We Want Rich Athletes to Get Richer So Badly?

There's something strange we've watched happen around pro sports over the past few years. It was somewhat subtle, and started with as a low whisper... but now it's a huge wave of support and I can't quite figure it all out. I'm a capitalist at heart. I believe in the opportunity of everyone to make as much money as they possibly can by leveraging their talents and ethic.

But it's weird the way we've started advocating so fiercely for rich athletes to get richer.

Tuesday night the NBA released it's all-nba team and twitter went bananas on who got snubbed. This isn't new. People always run to twitter to shout at each other about who got in and who didn't. We do this for all-star teams, college football playoffs, and apparently now, all-nba teams.

But it wasn't just about who got snubbed. The argument many were making was how the players who got snubbed, lost out on money they should've gotten.


Check the tweets...

Wait.. why do we care? Okay... maybe not why do we care? But why is this such an important topic for us? Why do we suddenly feel like we have to be advocates for rich athletes? Why are people pounding the table for them to get richer?

This is a really weird thing to me, and I can't quite figure out how this transition happened. Should Jayson Tatum and Donovan Mitchell made it in over Jimmy Butler and Paul George? Maybe. But there were many times during the season where I could've flip flopped those players on either team, and nobody would've noticed.

But who else are we taking out? Lebron? CP3? Embid? Kyrie? Beal?

So these guys didn't get a $33 Million dollar bonus. SO WHAT?!?! Do we really care? And if so.. why?

Somebody please make it make sense for me...

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