Kravitz's Top 5 WR Duos in the NFL Entering 2021

The NFL is chalked full of incredible offenses, tremendous WR talent, and this offseason- we’ve seen a lot of movement as well…so I thought we’d do what we do best with our definitive NFL WR Duo rankings…are you ready?

Now for me, with the emergence of the TE position, and that role in an offense being a defacto WR, I’m including TE’s as ‘WR’s’ for this exercise.

1.Hill/Kelce- the most uncoverable duo in the NFL, bar none.

2.AJ Brown/Julio Jones- can’t come up with a better #2, both guys are legit #1’s, AJ coming into his own, this is going to be a tough pair to stop.

3.Lockett/Metcalf- you pair those 2 with Russ’ precision on the deep ball- its no wonder he was the MVP of the league through the first half of the season.

4.Evans/Godwin- You thought I forgot about ‘em, I did not…both equally important to what the bucs want to do…Evans fits the mold of the no risk it no bisquit WR to hit deep, he’s also a red zone threat…and Godwin gives brady that underneath guy he needs to operate his style of offense. Like PB&J.

5.Calvin Ridley/Kyle Pitts- perhaps a bit premature but I think this one will be a healthy prognostication. Ridley already one of the best route runners in the league and Kyle Pitts is going to get work early and often with Julio gone, he’ll prove his worth rather quickly.

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans

Photo: Getty Images

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