T-Ross Gets Call From Cops Saying His Lamborghini Was Stolen and Wrecked

Wild story from one of the Orlando Magic fan favorites...imagine getting a call from the cops saying that your $200k was stolen and totaled. Well, that's exactly what happened...check out his quotes below:

“RIP to my urus,” the Orlando Magic guardcaptioned an Instagrampost Tuesday in which he detailed the “crazy story” about his luxury car.

“Can’t make this s–t up,” he said, insisting he was “so sick” and ready to “cry in a corner” over the theft in Florida earlier that morning.

Ross said he bought the bright-orange Lambo in February for his 30th birthday,writing at the time, “That whip cost money, i ain’t lyinn.”

He said he was left “super confused” when an Orlando police officer called to say that they had his stolen vehicle — but it was completely destroyed.

“I’m like, ‘Wait, what are you … what car? I didn’t go anywhere last night,”

He explained that his Lamborghini was at the dealership to fix a flat tire — and police told him that two guys broke in by smashing their way through the glass, then grabbed keys to find a car to steal.

“And the key that they stumbled across was my key,” he said. “All these cars … and my car is the one that got picked,” he said.

Police told him that they spotted the car thieves “cruising around” in the distinctive orange vehicle, he said.

“They start to chase, and the dudes take off — in my whip!” he said, saying the thieves “lose control of it and smash it into the side of a building,” leaving it “completely totaled.” It was not immediately clear what happened to the two thieves.

Read more @ NYPost.com and check out T-Ross's video below...

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photo: getty images

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