NFL QB Pressure Rankings via @BrandonKravitz

Time for my NFL QB PRESSURE RANKINGS! Like power rankings, but with more anxiety. I’ll update these through the offseason and if I’m motivated enough, we’ll carry it into the regular season. But let’s start with the very first list!

5- Mac Jones: I don't care what anyone says or how much Belichick downplays it, this guy is coming in to be the quarterback of the New England Patriots as the heir apparent to Tom Brady. So not only does he have the pressure of competing with the former MVP, when he does get in there, he'll be competing with the perception of Tom Brady wearing that same jersey.

4- Matt Stafford: this guy gets a new team, big lights big city, one of the best young play callers in the NFL, and a bevy of new wide receivers. Plus, the Rams defense is Super Bowl caliber. This is your opportunity Matt, don't screw it up.

3- Tua: Ryan Fitzpatrick is gone, Tua says he understands the playbook better now, he’s got a beard…oh, and the Dolphins upgraded at WR with Will Fuller and Jaylen Waddle. Tua last year was really good at times last year – against the blitz, he threw for 64% 7 TD’s and 1 pick, with a 101 QB rating – he wasn’t all bad, he just wasn’t great. Time to flash greatness kid.

2- Daniel Jones: When your organization spends like the Giants spent to get better @ WR and its your 3rd year in the league, in an awful division, and you can’t find success…you’ll quickly find yourself out of a job. If the Giants don’t see something substantial in Jones this year, he’ll probably end up starting a podcast titled: How my career looks a lot like Mitch Trubisky’s…

Number 1! Baker Mayfield: The Browns made it to the playoffs last year, Baker did his part, and nothing adds pressure like a rise in expectations. Nevermind the fact that Baker is on this tight rope, where he could fall to one side and get paid like Blake Bortles in Jacksonville, or fall to the other and get paid like Russell Wilson. Big year for Baker.

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills

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