Rays Now Have the "Worst" Sports Hat Ever!

New Era (the company that makes MLB ball caps) recently released a round of local market, hometown hats. And boy did they mess this up big time. People have been complaining all over twitter with tons of accusations. Some claim the chili on the Cincinatti hat looks like a bowl of dog food. While other people wonder what drove them to adding a pizza and a boom box to the Mets hat. And we're all still confused on why they added a bear to the Dodgers hat. (yea we know it's the state animal and on the flag, but really?)

It was SO bad that within 12 hours of releasing these hats to the world New Era had taken them off the site and removed them from sale.


But the honor of worst hat probably some believe goes to the Tampa Bay Rays. Why? Well mostly because the Rays don't play in Tampa.

The Rays hat so proudly represents the 813... even though the Rays play in the 727. The hat also gives kudos to cigar city, which has some wondering if the Rays are finally getting downtown stadium.

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