Former Gator TE Defends Tim Tebow's Signing with Jacksonville

Tebow isn't gaining a lot of support out there as he tries his hand @ the NFL again...this time at a different position. But, he does have some support out there in the former of a guy who played TE in the NFL for many years.

It was former Gator TE Trey Burton- he says he doesn’t understand the Tebow outrage…

Quotes from Burton: "I don't understand the outrage," said Burton, a free-agent tight end who's spent seven seasons in the NFL. "There are 90 [roster] spots. If they want to bring someone in, why not? A lot of teams take fliers on guys from various backgrounds every year."

Burton BTW still out there as a free-agent. And ironically enough, has one of the most famous passes in NFL Super Bowl history. #PhillySpecial

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photo: getty images

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