Why It's So Hard to Show Lebron the Respect He Deserves

We get it. The league is different. But that's starting to not be a good enough answer. #StopTheFlops

No matter how hard I try, I just can't will myself to give Lebron the respect I KNOW he rightfully deserves. It's not because I'm old. It's not because I'm a hater. It's because everytime I write the word "respect" on the Lebron card of NBA history makers, Lebron himself snatches it right out of my hand. Here is the latest reason...

That was award winning. And honestly it's disgusting to the game. This game was built on the back of tough guys. NBA basketball used to be known as a "contact sport". And yes, I understand the game has changed. But how can I take Lebron seriously when he does things like this?

I know it doesn't change his numbers. I know it doesn't change his impact on the game. I know it's doesn't change his dominance. But COME ONNNNN. I can't find it within myself to give him the respect I KNOW FOR A FACT he deserves. Why? Because...

It took him half a career to develop a clutch bone. (and that clutch bone still needs a lot of calcium supplements)

  1. He took the easy way out, forming his own super teams. (you could argue MJ had a super team, but he never called a bunch of guys in the offseason to come play with him)
  2. He gets too much credit for losing The Finals. (Maybe this is where I am old. Because we've gotta stop giving people credit for losing)
  3. James is a MONSTAR in probably the weakest era of NBA basketball we've ever seen, and he is in NO WAY capitalizing on it how he should.
  4. Flop Flop Flop Flop Flop Flop (the GOAT of the NBA would never)

Honestly I believe Lebron is super lucky he came out when he did. I always say, God knows what time period to have us born in, and Lebron hit the jackpot being the greatest of this era. Problem is, I'm almost certain we'll see another version of him in the next 10-20 years.

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