Magic Management Implies They Will Not Be Aggressive in Free-Agency

So earlier today I had a chance to catch up with president of basketball operations for the Orlando Magic, Jeff Weltman. He spoke about a variety of things you can guess what most of them were, everything from the difficulty of playing this year to the future of Steve Clifford as the head coach of this team, 2 who he is evaluated positively that's on the roster and how those evaluations were stunted based on injuries. All that stuff.

I had a chance towards the back end of the media session to ask Jeff about what the plan was going to be entering into free agency which doesn't start until August, but it's an interesting piece to the puzzle, this team for years hasn't really had the ability to go out and spend money on free agents and for the first time in awhile they'll at least have the funds to do it. It's whether or not they want to use those funds this year and push their chips to the table so to speak.

Brief summary if you are just here to read it...

Simple answer: no

Complex-er answer: not yet

Reality: He loves this. Look at this direct quote: "I feel so much more at ease with our path"

Weltman is out of the debt that is created by a middle of the road roster, and for the first time as an executive for this team, he actually has flexibility to build the team the way HE wants to. Catch the clip and our convo about it below!

Orlando Magic v Philadelphia 76ers

photo: getty images

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