Knicks Star Smart To Wait Until 2022 To Re-sign - @Spotrac

Nobody breaks down the sports financials of the world quite like Mike Ginnitti from During today's chat on In The Zone, Mike discussed the upcoming payout for Julius Randle and other top NBA stars.

Randle is set to become a free-agent in 2022, but the Knicks will try and not let it get to that point. The interesting nugget that Mike points out is that Randle's agent will try and convince him to wait it out, because the NBA cap is set to explode in if Randle provides the same output next year, he'll get paid handsomely for it. If not, he could lose out on a boatload of cash.

Randle basically needs to bet on himself, we discuss it further below.

New York Knicks v Los Angeles Lakers

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