Of Course Etienne Was Running Routes...What Else Was He Supposed to Do?

Kassidy Hill from SI.com set the record straight today when talking about the latest "stir" caused by Urban Meyer.

As heard in the clip below (and the full podcast below) she says they weren't doing hand off drills at practice...so what else was Etienne supposed to do?

Here was the story that took off for the Urban detractors...

Urban Meyer told reporters that first-round RB Travis Etienne will take all of his minicamp reps at WR. “Worst case scenario you have a running back that's elite with receiver skills,” Meyer said. Similar, it seems, to Le’Veon Bell in his prime.

For me...

I happen to look @ this like, so what…its rookie mini-camp. How he lines up in May doesn’t matter…and if it does work out, then great, urban’s a genius.

I’m just telling you, he’s running out of head-scratching moments…soon, everyone will be skeptical of Ubran…and at that point, the margin for error is very thin.

Check out the content below and make up your own mind.

Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp

photo: getty images

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