Trevor + Urban + Tebow: Jags Most Interesting Team in the NFL This Year

There is intrigue galore in the NFL this year, as there is most years. But the Jags have that perfect blend of upside, trainwreck, and clown show...all bottled up and ready for our consumption.

I mean, seriously. Not that you needed Tebow to complete this interesting ensemble, but it sure doesn't hurt. Hell, even if he doesn't make the team, just the sheer fact that Urban will have to cut Tebow at some point provides a level of intrigue.

Besides that, there's the actual football angle. Trevor Lawrence comes in as the next "it" guy @ QB, and he doesn't have a bad allotment of talent around him to work with. Robinson, Etienne in the backfield...Shenault, Chark, Jones, (Tebow...) out there catching could do worse.

The Jags have been spending the last couple of drafts trying to revamp that defense with Chaisson on the d-line and Josh Allen rushing the passer. Plus, they added Shaquill Griffin to their secondary in the off-season. The Jags might just mess around and make some noise in a topsy turvy AFC South.

Is it really that unrealistic to believe that the Jags can compete in this division? The Texans will be the NFL's worst team, the Titans got worse, not better in the offseason, and if Carson Wentz is as bad as he was last year- the Colts are in trouble.

Watch out for Jacksonville...the NFL's MOST INTERESTING TEAM!

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