Ready to Watch Sports on Twitter?

Twitter, who is already a HUGE player in live reaction, commentary and understanding the pulse of our society, is expanding their influence big time. The social media giant has signed new deals, or extended deals with NBC, WNBA, MLB, NHL, and Billboard — which is working with Twitter to create a real-time official Billboard Chart. What's this mean for you? It means, you might be this much closer to being able to watch all your sports on social media. Are you ready for that?

Twitter signed deals to present the Home Run Derby, NBC Olympics, live "look-ins" for every round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and a 12-game slate of live games for the WNBA. On top of all this, Twitter will be producing custom content such as, pre-game and post-game shows, player highlights and documentaries, and much more.

A few years back, we saw the NFL flirt with showing games on twitter and amazon prime. But with some of these moves it looks like sports on social media may be here to stay.

What sport best fits being broadcasted on social media?

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