STEFAN: Is Lebron Afraid to Compete?

Is it possible that Lebron is afraid to compete? It sure does feel that way. Yea, we know it's not true. But when Lebron griped about the "play-in tournament" the NBA has instituted, that was the only conclusion I could come to.

Why? Because suddenly, since the Lakers have been doing more losing, and there is a possibility they end up with a play in game, Lebron wants to complain about the whole idea.

“If we end up in the playoff — whatever that thing is — whoever came up with that s— needs to be fired,” James said. “But whatever.”

James is referencing the NBA’s play-in tournament, where seeds 7-10 have to fight their way into the playoffs. The way it's set up...

The #7 team plays the #8 team with the winner solidifying their spot as #7 seed in the playoffs.

Then the #9 team plays the #10 team. Whoever wins between #9 and #10 moves to the next round to play the loser between #7 and #8.

Whoever wins THAT game gets to keep the #8 seed position in the playoffs.

It's slightly complicated, but I LOVE IT. Any chance we have to add more competition to the field and give teams a chance to knock off a favorite, I'm all for it.

And now... suddenly, when it looks like the Lakers could end up in fighting for their playoff lives, Lebron's got a problem.

The GOAT would never!

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