VIDEO: Chargers RB Shares Hilarious Story of Meeting Phillip Rivers Kids

Phillip Rivers, now retired, is best known for 2 things...1) Being an excellent NFL QB and 2) Having a BUNCH of kids. Austin Ekeler shares the story of meeting Rivers family for the first time, and it is hysterical.

“I saw them one time when I was rookie before I even made the team,” Ekeler says, clarifying that the Rivers clan stayed in San Diego when the team moved to Los Angeles so they weren’t around much. “I thought he was doing a meet and greet with people because I didn’t know that was his family. He had like six kids running around with him and I’m like ‘oh he’s doing some tour or something’ . . . I was like 'what’s Phil doing?' I asked someone else and they were like ‘that’s his family.’

Indianapolis Colts v Pittsburgh Steelers

photo: getty images

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