Kravitz Lists His Top 9 Landing Spots for Julio Jones

The Falcons are taking calls on 7-time Pro Bowler, Julio Jones. But who is on the other line?! I have here a list of 8 teams that could be in the market for Julio's services. They range from the financial fits, win now urgency-fits, and QB development.

No doubt Julio is one of the top WR's still in the NFL, from 2014-2019, Julio never had less than 1,394 receiving yards in any season. He's 20th all-time in receiving yards.

My top 9 landing spots for Julio Jones…no particular order:

1.Ravens- WR needy bunch, ready to win now. They have multiple late first rounders they could turn into Julio Jones.

2.Browns- The OBJ experience hasn't worked for them, perhaps they need a WR who is a little bit more of the consumate pro to run along side Jarvis Landry and Co. They also have the cap space to do it (21m)

3.Chiefs- The Chiefs do not have the cap space to do it, but they are pretty good at getting creative, and honestly - how scary would this be?!

4.Jets- Zach Wilson, new QB, new regime...give the man the help that you never gave to Sam Darnold. If Julio would go for it, this would be a great move for the Jets.

5.Raiders- The Raiders spent high on Henry Ruggs in the first round last year, that hasn't quite panned out. But if you pair Waller with Julio and let Ruggs run free, that's all the sudden a pretty scary offense, in a division where points are needed.

6.Eagles- WR needy team. See what you've got in Jalen Hurts. They would need to move off of Zach Ertz and more to make the money work however.

7.Patriots- Why not?! The Pats have been spending like drunken sailors this off-season. If they truly want to get better, they need to improve @ WR. Nelson Agholor and Kendrick Bourne isn't going to get the job done.

8.Green Bay- This is the Packers opportunity to make up for the fact that they let Tee Higgins, Chase Claypool, and Michael Pittman all get drafted while they were busy drafting another QB. Imagine Rodgers with Julio and Davante to throw the ball to, scary.

9.Miami Dolphins- They are sitting there @ 6 where they could take the top WR, if they do that, this wouldn't make much sense. BUT- Imagine if they were to take Penei Sewell @ 6 and then flip the 18th pick for Julio. Then you line Julio up with Will Fuller and Davante Parker. Now we're talking.

Sure I could've done a Top predictable would that have been though? Hope you enjoyed it.

Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons

photo: getty images

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