Jerry West Not a Fan of Current NBA

If there is one thing people have voiced their disapproval of in the "new" NBA, it's the friendliness of players. They are all BFFs and all want to play together and be best buddies. This not what the NBA used to be. Since the explosion of AAU basketball, and with a little push from social media every player knows each other, and wants to create these "super teams" of all their friends.

Who wouldn't want to work with all their best friends?

This probably isn't something that would change any time soon. And NBA legend Jerry West isn't too keen on it.

The All-Star was on The Buster Show Podcast and was asked how he felt about this new trend in the NBA for everyone to be friends. He didn't get it. When asked about how players should react to their competition, he responded, "You should want to kill them first... it is a war."

Plenty of people would agree. Rivalries in the NBA aren't player centered in the way they used to be, and there are lots of people who would love to see that aspect of the game return.

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