Is Steve Clifford On the Way Out?

It's been a long road for Magic Head Coach Steve Clifford. Going on 4 years, and we can say that the Magic are not much further than they were the day he took over. The issue is, we know it's not Clifford's fault. Just about everyone has the exact same sentiment... Clifford has done the absolute best that he could've done with the cards he's been given.

But how long can he last. At some point, we're going to hear people start to talk about "next steps". If these picks don't turn into great players and a roster that can really make dent in the eastern conference, we'll soon start to wonder, what's next for the Orlando Magic.

Next could mean, new management, or even a new coaching staff.

The real question is, what happens first? Does Clifford move on, or does he get fired. We don't want to see either, but teams can only lose for so long before someone has to decide it's not working.

The Magic got trounced by the New Orleans Pelicans last night. And by listening to Clifford's post game interview (where he took no questions) it sounds like he might be close to fed up. Take a look.

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