Matt Baker TB Times Ranks Gator QB's in NFL History and It's a Sad List

The Gators have produced some great NFL players but for some reason, QB's from Florida haven't seen the same level of success. Check out this uninspired list of the greatest Florida QB's in NFL history.

The list is from Matt Baker and can be found @ – of course in reference to the next great Florida QB to get drafted, Kyle Trask…and my guess is, Trask will become the greatest Florida QB in NFL history.

9. Wayne Peace 7th round to the Bengals in 1984

8. Kerwin Bell 1988 to the Phins, he threw 5 nfl passes

7. Jesse Palmer…most known for his Bachelor career.

6. Danny Wuerffel…flame out.

5. John Reaves….shoulder shrug.

4. Tebow…you know how that one played out, just ask the Mets.

3. Shane Matthews…nope.

2. Steve Spurrier….not terrible.

1. Rex Grossman…lead the bears to SB 41. So he's got that going for him.

Check out the full breakdown @

Florida Gators Orange and Blue spring football game

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