Marc Daniels: Mock Draft 2.5 When Teams Draft Movie Players

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I can't get enough mock drafts. I want to spends 25 hours in the day studying mock drafts. In my mock draft world, there would be 25 hours in a day. So with that in mind on this Movie Wednesday I thought I would mix it up and create a mock draft with NFL teams picking movie football players that fit their team needs. Crazy? Yes! Fun? You bet! Ready to get started? DING!!!

Here's the top 20 of Mock Draft 2.5

1. JACKSONVILLE: QB Willie Beamen- Any Given Sunday. Beamen is a raw, but incredible athlete who just needs some coaching to dominate at the next level. He can throw and is a run threat. Urban Meyer gets his guy to build the franchise around.

2. NEW YORK JETS: QB Uncle Rico- Napolean Dynamite. He can throw the ball over a mountain. His fashion fits perfectly in the Big Apple. Jets moved Darnold to clear the way for them to truly take their next Joe Namath.

3. SAN FRANCISCO: QB Shane Falco- The Replacements. Known as "Footsteps Falco", the lefty fits perfectly for what Kyle Shanahan wants to do. Falco might be ideal to sit behind Jimmy G and learn the system before taking over.

4.ATLANTA: QB Paul Crewe- The Longest Yard(Adam Sandler version). Time to find the replacement for Matty Ice and Crewe is the choice here. He's smart and can take a hit and gives fans a solid guy for the next decade.

5. CINCINNATI: OT Louis Lastik- Remember the Titans. They need a tackle to protect Joe Burrow and Lastik is a perfect choice to anchor the left tackle position for the next dozen years.

6. MIAMI: WR Rod Tidwell- Jerry Maguire. Tua needs playmakers and the fast-talking pass catcher is indeed a showman. He will love the South Beach spotlight and his agent will keep him in line.

7, DETROIT: WR Charlie Tweeder- Varsity Blues. Although undersized, Tweeder is tough and not afraid to go over the middle.

8. CAROLINA: WR Phil Elliot- North Dallas Forty. Elliot has an attitude but also the softest hands of all receivers and is willing to inject anything into his body to play on Sundays.

9. DENVER: LB Charles Jefferson- Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Jefferson might be the best athlete in the draft and gives the Broncos a fierce pass rusher and athlete who can also drop into coverage.

10. DALLAS: CB Stefen Djordjevic- All the Right Moves. He's the best cover corner in the draft. Sometimes he jumps the route and pay for that but he is football smart and a worthy pick here.

11. NEW YORK GIANTS: WR Forrest Gump- Forrest Gump. Gump is better described as an athlete but his speed is tough to pass on here for a team looking for a deep threat.

12. PHILADELPHIA: CB Earl Wilkinson- The Replacements. Eagles have a big need at corner and Wilkinson fits that need.

13. LA CHARGERS: OL Manumana- Necessary Roughness. The guy was solid protecting a 30+ old quarterback and Kathy Ireland, who served as team kicker. Any team would love to add this guy to their front.

14. MINNESOTA: OL Billy Bob- Varsity Blues. Big enough to take on the double-team and gets low to establish his block. Will battle weight issues throughout his career but worth a gamble at this stage of the round.

15. NEW ENGLAND: QB Ronnie "Sunshine" Bass- Remember the Titans. The Pats get their quarterback of the future in Bass. He has the skills and positive attitude to take the reins of the offense.

16. ARIZONA:DE LB Vontae Mack- Draft Day. The Cardinals add a dominate edge rusher who joins a solid defensive front but you can never have enough pass rushers.

17. LAS VEGAS: LB Luther Lavay- Any Given Sunday. Dominate defensive player who plays like Lawrence Taylor.

18. MIAMI: DL Andre Krimm- Necessary Roughness. The guy looks like the comedian Sinbad, but has a wicked first step on his rush.

19. WASHINGTON: LB Bobby Boucher- Waterboy. Unconventional in his approach but too good of a talent to pass at this point in round.

20. CHICAGO: Becky "Ice Box" O'Shea- Little Giants. Butkus. Urlacher. O'Shea. Nuff said. 

Final thought: The first NFL Draft was held in 1936 in Philadelphia. The nine-round draft had 90 names written on a chalkboard. Only 24 of the 81 players drafted played in the NFL that season. Mel Kiper correctly predicted the first six rounds........that part is not true.

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