Jags Fans Buy Trevor Lawrence Gifts Off Wedding Registry

As someone who got married several years ago, I can state with full confidence that there's nothing worse than the gift you get on your wedding day that WASN'T on your registry...there's a reason we sign up for these things people! I digress...

Trevor Lawrence tied the knot with his fiancee this weekend and will soon be tying the knot with the Jags, Jags fans have already stepped up by buying the newlyweds a toaster and more!

Story below:

Jaguars fan @E_Dilla on Twitter found their Knot registry and raised a bunch of money to buy gifts including a toaster and a vacuum cleaner. It got to be so much cash that @E_Dillatold Sports Illustratedsaid they’d donate to charity what wasn’t spent on gifts:

The Masters - Round One

photo: getty images

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