NBA, MLB, NASCAR, NFL, Masters, and Mania! WOW!

We had so so much to choose from in sports this weekend. No matter your preference, even if you're waiting out the NFL season, there was something to satisfy your sports life tastebuds.

Martin Truex Jr. wins this weekend's NASCAR race as he takes the checkered flag in Martinsville.

Plenty of great games in Major League Baseball as we saw awesome performances from the heavy hitters, including the Dodgers, Phillies, Mariners, Rays, Blue Jays, and more.

The NBA delivered the wonderous matchup between the Nets and Lakers where the Lakers completely mollywhopped the Nets. And of course nobody of high importance was playing, but even backups vs. backups losing by 20 has got to feel like a problem for the Nets.

There was plenty NFL draft talk, mock drafts, and speculation on what's going to happen next with the Falcons, Panthers, Patriots, and others.

And if that wasn't enough, we had The Masters. We watched Hideki Matsuyama accomplish a first and pull of what turned out to be a much closer final round than many expected.

Of course we didn't forget TWO NIGHT of Wrestlemania. Where one of the biggest sports events in the world gave us all the best combination of sports and entertainment.

Sports fans were truly spoiled this weekend.

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