SURVEY SAYS: A Majority of Parents Fear Youth Football

Parents have long known the dangers of playing football but for the longest time, the majority of (surveyed) parents didn't steer their kids away from it. Until now...

A new survey by the Barrow Neurological Institute shows, for the first time, a majority of parents are saying no to football for their kids, but other contact sports participation rose on the list.

For Barrow Concussion and Brain Injury Doctor Javier Cardenas, he wants to make sure parents know all the risks.

"I think parents should be aware that a concussion should happen in any sport. They should make sure the athletes are prepared to play, starting with a physical and concussion history," Cardenas said.

I can say for me personally, I'm 35, so I didn't grow up in a 'woke' fear based society, that was a couple years away...but still, my parents were hesitant to put me in football. Lucky for them, I was quite the Little League firstbasemen, so they didn't have much to worry about, but I can say I saw the fear in them back in the 90's. You can imagine parents are far more fearful today.


Notre Dame v Syracuse

photo: getty images

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