Sports Leagues Come Together to Declare COVID Over (Encourage Vaccines)

Have you seen the new ad campaign from all the sports?

Yes, ALL the sports.

We're talking about the NFL, MLS, WWE, NBA, WNBA, PGA, MLB, NASCAR, US Open, NWSL, American Horse Council, and Athletics Unlimited. That's right the horse council didn't want to be left out.

All of them came together in conjunction with the Ad Council to create a PSA that basically declares COVID is over. Okay, that parts not true. The ad is technically to encourage vaccination, but the "I'll be seeing you" theme of the ad can certainly be implied to say... "COVID's over! Come on back to the stadium!"

It's fully expect that the country will follow suit and begin to step back outdoors again. Needless to say, we're all ready to get back to normal.

Catch the public service announcement below.

In a non-sports related note, this PSA was very similar to one put out by Google, who also declared COVID over.

I mean, who also encouraged vaccination. See Google's ad below.

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