Damian Lillard DRAGS Twitter Troll Who Claimed Steph Curry "Owns" Him

In our latest episode of, you shouldn't troll celebrities, some guy on twitter got dragged by Damian Lillard. Unknown guy x, who goes by AJ on twitter, took to the interwebs to advise Damian Lillard that Steph Curry and the Warriors "own" him.

AJ tried to get on the NBA All-Star with a soundtrack list, including Steph Owns Me, No Rings, and Overrated.

To which Lillard snapped back quickly with his net worth... "Gone touch 400M before I'm 35." " my kids only ppl who own me babyyyyyy let that marinate like neckbone juice.

Lillard has made it apparent he is not like other players. He's focused on different things, and apparently can't be bothered by this twitter troll. Nevertheless, the all-star recognizes that he hasn't had the success he's wanted in the NBA. But, he also claims often his biggest focus is doing what's best for himself and his family. Lillard has said on his IG, “My loyalty is my biggest flaw. I’m too solid for this weird a** era.” He obviously has different priorities than most in the league.

Check out the twitter exchange below.

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