"Kyle Pitts Is Making a Mistake Entering the NFL as a TE" - @BrandonKravitz

Some NFL scouts/analysts are calling Kyle Pitts the “best receiving option” in this draft.

He posted monster numbers @ Florida last year – 43 catches 770 yards – 12 TD’s in 8 games played – all against SEC schools.

Yesterday, he clocked in @ 4.44 (6’6 245) and has the longest wingspan WR or TE of anyone in the NFL over the last 20 years.

Tale of the tape:

Kyle Pitts- 6’5 – 245 – wingspan 83 inches – 40 in 4.4 (faster than DeAndre Hopkins and Davante Adams)

Calvin Johnson- 6’5 239 – wingspan 82 – 40 in 4.35

Remind me why he isn’t entering the NFL as a WR?

Look @ the contract disparity…

The top TE in the league makes a contract worth up to 75m

The top WR makes a contract upwards of 100 million dollars

The 20th highest paid WR in the league makes 41 million total, 21 guaranteed, 10 a year.

The 20th highest paid TE 11 million total, 2 per year.

So remind me again, why is the "best receiving option in this draft" not entering the draft as a wide receiver?

@ me if you have an answer @BrandonKravitz

Vanderbilt v Florida

photo: getty images

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