Two University Presidents Bet on Their NCAA Game

In an age where betting is becoming more and more accepted in sports, it's still very frowned upon in the NCAA. However, that didn't stop the Presidents of Gonzaga and Creighton from placing a wager on their sweet sixteen game.

According to reports the bet included Omaha Steaks, Washington Apples, wine, hotdogs and more...

No, it isn't a violation of NCAA rules, just a simple wager between two schools to keep things spicy. Creighton University President Rev. Fredrickson said, “President McCulloh from Gonzaga and I were in conversation, and as soon as we learned we’d be matched up for the Sweet 16 we agreed pretty immediately that a wager was necessary."

What was on the line? Rev. Fredrickson filled us in.

If Gonzaga won, they would get Omaha Steaks and Sonoran hot dogs, and a donation to a charity in Spokane Washington.

If Creighton won, their bounty would include Washington apples and Washington wine and a donation to an Omaha charity.

Guess there are steaks waiting on the grill in Spokane.

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