Rumor: Mavericks Have Become Evan Fournier Front-Runners

As things start to crystalize around the trade deadline, one destination seems to be a popular landing spot for the Magic Frenchman.

Dallas! Land of the foriegn NBA player.

Jake Fisher @ says:

“It seems more likely than ever Orlando may move Gordon before Thursday’s deadline, but Evan Fournier and his $17 million expiring contract is an even better bet to be traded. The Mavericks have been the loudest rumored team for Fournier, with one potential package being James Johnson and two second-round picks, according to league sources.”

James Johnson and 2 2nd round picks?! Ok...I guess. There are also rumors swirling that Evan Fournier no longer wants to be on the team and has no interest in re-signing with the Magic in the offseason. It is indeed CRAZY season folks!

Brooklyn Nets v Orlando Magic

photo: getty images

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