Eagles Fans Threaten to Break a 12-yr old's Knee Caps on Twitter

Carson Wentz superfan Giovanni Hamilton, who is 12 years old, has been receiving threats on twitter, simply because he's excited about Carson Wentz. The young fan and podcoaster suffers from a condition called Schwartz-Jampel syndrome, and has been very vocal about Carson Wentz being someone he absolutely adores! So it shouldn't have been a surprise when Giovanni posted a picture of himself sporting Carson Wentz's new jersey and number. But instead of it being an Eagles jersey, it was a Colts jersey.

And right on cue, the disgustingness of social media reared its head high. Eagles fans were beyond upset that he dared to wear a jersey with different colors. In fact, it got so bad that Giovanni's mother issued a statement on Twitter, revealing that they had to report a tweet where someone threatened to break the young fan's knee caps.

As the tweets got uglier, many Eagles fans began to come to the defense of the young fan... including Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson.

We can be sure that we'll see more support for this young man. Hopefully the Colts and Eagles both step up in the face of this awful happening.

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