Tom Brady Gives Out Cell Phone Number on Twitter

Tom Brady just gave out his cell phone number on twitter and the safe bet is he's getting a TON of texts and calls almost immediately. We've seen lots of celebrities drop their cell phone numbers on social media before, but usually it's an accident. Brady gave this number out on purpose in a video he just released on twitter. His only request from his fans was, they not text him on game day.

Of course, chances are this isn't his actual in pocket cell phone number. But Brady say's he is attempting to do better at communicating directly with his fans. See his video below.

If you shoot Tom Brady a text, here is what you'll get back.

"What's up! Yes, this is actually Tom Brady. This message is automated but everything else will come directly from me, on my phone. Click the link and add yourself so you're in my contacts."

Once you click the link, Brady asks you to make sure he's added to your phone contacts and of course lets you know that message a data rates may apply. It will be interesting to see what kind of recipes and memes TB12 sends out on a regular basis. For the record, this is a genius way for Brady to control the conversation around his career and his legacy.

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