One Word Sent Russell Wilson to the Bears... Kinda

All it took was one word to get Twitter ablaze in speculation and predictions that Russell Wilson is now headed to the Bears as early as this week. See the tweet below.

That was it. That was all she said, and it launched a firestorm of responses that had Bears fans, sports writers, and nearly the entire twitter universe into conspiracy theories as to what she meant.

Seriously, people started going crazy. For the record there is no evidence or reports, or even rumors to suggest any deal bringing Wilson to the Bears is close to complete, or even in the works. But that didn't stop the interwebs...

This is more evidence of just how powerful social media is. Now to be clear, Russell Wilson futures do appear to have been removed from the sportsbooks. Take that for what it's worth.

Our absolute favorite "proof" of this blockbuster deal is below...

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