Look @ The Miserable QB's Taken Ahead of Dak in 2016

Dak signed a mega-deal with the Cowboys, 2nd richest contract in the NFL. And if you go back and look at the year he was drafted…just based on what a team is willing to pay him, if nothing else, he is clearly the best pick in the draft.

And when you dig a little deeper, it becomes pure comedy some of the names drafted in front of him. Let’s start @ the top. Jared Goff and Carson Wentz…fair to say you’d rather have Dak?

I’m not going to knit pick each team in the first round that needed a QB…but this was prior to Baker being drafted by the Browns, this was prior to Darnold drafted by the Jets.

Those teams took Corey Colman and Darron Lee in the 1st round.

How about the Bucs, who took Roberto Aguayo 2 rounds ahead of Dak?!

The QB’s not @ the top: (Dak went 135 to the Cowboys in a compensatory pick)

·Paxton Lynch 26 – broncos

·Christian Hackenburg 51 – jets

·Jacoby Brissett 91 – NE

·Cody Kessler 93 – browns

·Connor Cook 100 – Raiders


Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos

photo: getty images

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