REPORT: Amid the Pandemic NBA Team Values Still On The Rise did a comprehensive study on how much money and value sports leagues have lost through the pandemic. Some of the numbers will shock you. And I mean that both positively and negatively. It is understandable that without fans, parking, attendance, concessions, and some ad revenue...sports leagues, like many of us, are not as financially well off as we otherwise would've been.

Even with that, NBA franchises actually ROSE in value. Amazing. Read the story below:

"Even with the return of the NHL and NBA in their respective 'bubbles,' MLB's shortened season and months of mostly fan-free NFL Sundays, the revenue losses for the NCAA and the four major U.S. sports leagues have now hit at least $14.1 billion so far, according to Forbes estimates. Even the value of sports teams, one of the most reliable long-term investments for billionaires, began to creak from the strain. NHL franchise values fell 2% on average, according to a Forbes analysis published in December, the first drop in two decades. NBA values rose just 4% on average, the smallest increase since 2010." -

2021 NBA All-Star Game


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