Marc Daniels: Seattle To South Beach? Are The Dolphins A Fit For Russ?

Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks

I don't think the Seahawks are trading Russell Wilson, for now. But if Russ wants to force the issue, the Dolphins might be a team to consider and if you are Miami, don't you have to at least inquire?

Wilson is one of the few players in the NFL with a no-trade clause. That means, the Seahawks can't trade him without his permission. His agent and media reports say if Wilson is to be traded Dallas, Las Vegas, New Orleans or Chicago are desired destinations.

Before playing armchair GM and what Wilson should go for, how did we get here where a future hall-of-famer apparently wants out?

Wilson didn't just answer a question or two on a national radio show that started all this. Nothing Russell Wilson does is unplanned. His interviews are typically boring and answers appear to be well scripted. Everyone gets credit. The team did a great job and all must get better for next week(see every Derek Jeter interview ever).

Wilson and his people(whoever that is) have leaked this. He used a platform on the Dan Patrick show to hint about being available for a trade. His agent drops nuggets about teams he'd be interested in playing for. The Athletic has an in-depth story about the friction inside the Seahawks and the relationship with Pete Carroll. This is planned and it's coming during a time when guys like Wilson and DeShaun Watson just watched Fernando Tatis Jr. sign a 14-year $340 million guaranteed contract. They see how NBA players have found a way to get traded to their desired destination despite having years left on a contract.

The Dolphins have been mentioned in Wilson rumors and Miami should listen and inquire. Why would Miami be interested in a 32-year old Wilson when Tua is younger and on a rookie contract?

Russell Wilson and DeShaun Watson are proven quarterbacks. Tua Tagovaila had his ups and downs in his rookie season and he may become a great quarterback. But Miami can win now and compete for a Super Bowl with Wilson. I doubt Tua can lead Miami to a Super Bowl next season. He may be able to do that in a few seasons, but Miami could compete now.

The Bills are not going anywhere and Josh Allen will likely keep them competing within the division for the next decade. The Patriots have no proven QB and the Jets may be moving on from Sam Darnold and it could be DeShaun Watson or BYU's Zack Wilson. 

How could Miami pull off a deal for Wilson. The Dolphins have cap space to make a deal and even have some money left over to add to a talented roster. It might take Tua, this year's #3 overall pick, another 1st round pick and maybe an additional player. Seattle would be getting Tua on a rookie contract and an impact pick in 2021. 

Teams on Wilson wish-list include the Cowboys, Raiders, Saints and Bears. Dak, signed to a franchise tag deal, to Seattle? Not sure. Would Seattle want Ezekiel Elliott? No, no one wants that deal on their books. Does Taysom Hill make the Seahawks excited about a deal? No. Bears? Mitch Trubisky? No. Raiders? Derek Carr? There might be some appeal.

Some NFL people believe Wilson is a bit jealous of Tom Brady's ability to go to Tampa and add players. Maybe. But I don't devalue the thought of Wilson and his wife, Ciara, looking at a chance to leave Seattle for a different city. South Beach? Sure. 

Maybe Wilson sees how much fun Brady had coming to Florida and just maybe the idea of playing at least half your games in warm weather is appealing. 

The Dolphins have some offensive weapons and know they need to upgrade at receiver. But Miami's defense played a huge role in a lot of their wins and led the league in takeaways with 29. I also think Brian Flores is someone Wilson would welcome if the friction is real with him and Carroll.

Again, I still don't think the Seahawks have reached a point they feel they have to trade Wilson. But Wilson can make things complicated for them. It makes for a few interesting months ahead. But it may be more like a few weeks. With so many teams looking at drafting a quarterback and DeShaun Watson looking to get his situation resolved, it will be a fun ride to the draft.

Miami should call and find out if a deal is possible. You don't often get a chance to get a proven star at the quarterback position. Maybe Russ can start cooking in south Florida if the Dolphins want to stir the pot.

Final thought: It takes 43-seconds to get from the ground to the top of the space needle in the elevator. The elevator travels at 10 miles-per-hour. 

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