JJ Watt is Trolling Everyone On the Internet Right Now

J.J. Watt may be considered the most prized possession in NFL free agency. Even though he's been in the league quite a while, most teams realize if put in the right situation, he could make a serious impact on the trajectory of their run at the Lombardi trophy.

Fans across the country are watching his social media for any clues or tips as to where he might be headed in this offseason. And what's best about this is that J.J. Watt is fully aware that we are hanging on his every tweet. So what does he do, he starts tweeting the most random thoughts. We rarely see Watt post like this, but it's apparent he's having a lot of fun.

He's been giving what could be considered conspiracy clues as to his next move. Like declaring that free agency is "wild". But, he's also been talking about cellular structure. In fact, his post of his brother shoveling snow had thousands convinced that he was headed to Pittsburgh.

Check out the tweets below.

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