Is AG the Odd Man Out with the Orlando Magic?

Losing makes it easier to make moves without much backlash from fans and supporters, but winning, especially the Magic are right now can make things clear about exactly what those moves should be.

As we all search for ways to describe this bizarre Magic season, many of us are left with the frustration that this management group needs to do SOMETHING in terms of making a deal, a big splash signing, or bottom out in order to build it back up again. What this recent spell of winning over the last week reminds us (and me) is that this team isn't as far away as it sometimes feels from being a team that can compete at a really high-level night in, and night out.

So much of the focus when discussing trades has been pointed in the direction of Nik Vucevic, certainly the Magic's most productive and desired player. Vooch is putting together an All-Star season, and whether or not the coaches let him in is the only question, but there's no denying he deserves it.

This win streak is showing us the value of Vooch, and the necessity to build a team with defense and shooters all around him. AG has been missing in action for 3 weeks with an ankle sprain, and will miss another 3 weeks after this post goes live. AG would likely be the 2nd most desired Magic player on the market, and Orlando has done a really good job of finding other capable wing defenders to play alongside Gordon. When Isaac returns, he can fill an AG void, and we're seeing now, Chuma Okeke is an up-and-coming AG type with a slightly better outside shot.

Where does that leave AG when this team is fully healthy? Perhaps, if Hammond and Weltman are looking to make a move to improve this roster in the short term or the long term, it would be in their best interest to move off of Aaron before breaking up any other part of this Magic roster.

Something to ponder.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Orlando Magic

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